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I’ll tell you a secret: why Do It Like Plato


The first major part is how to think

How to critically think, how to successfully develop a better decision making process,  how to thoroughly consider things, and how to first of all doubt someone’s own thoughts and beliefs. This, along with the introspection you are bound to make sooner or later, are the major points someone should be concerned with.  Understand what you want, learn how to think.

Are we all nuts? eeeeem… somewhat irrational, I meant to say.

But it wasn’t logic that urged me to determine this as a starting point, nor do all the articles here revolve around this field. My interest in exploring how people think stems from… exhaustion. I actually felt tired, because I kept hearing all kinds of things from my fellow citizens. People believing that planes are spraying chemicals upon us to prevent a rebellion and increase governmental control (Yep, this is actually a quite popular opinion in Greece), people insisting that the Earth is flat (Yes, there are people that actually still believe that), that there is a civilization that lives in the center of the Earth, and lots of other weird things. Of course, these are some of the most extreme opinions. Βut think for a moment that the newly elected President of the USA is a guy who stated that he is going to build a wall to separate his country from Mexico, a man who thinks he can freely grab a woman. The thing is that a few million people supported this guy. So, as I kept hearing this kind of things, from an array of people, poor or rich, people with low or high IQ, I felt more and more disappointed.

How can people not think? What is the problem? Why don’t we learn how to think, how to be rational at school? Could this change? Are all those people idiots? Am I wiser than they are? (Spoiler alert, I am not)

My thinking process quest, instead of leading me to finding ways to change people’s mind, revealed to me my own weaknesses and cons. I started spotting the (major) mistakes in my own thinking and decision-making process, and this made me realize I had to drastically change my way of thinking.

Why Do It Like Plato

After that, it was the search about logic: where it came from, who the hell started thinking more critically, where and how it all begun. This led me to ancient Greece. The beginning of science, philosophy, thinking, happened about 2500 year ago.

I thought, yeah, those guys did all that. I’ve learnt about them at school, I read about them at university, I’m studying them again pretty much even as I write this. That’s where everything started.

In this crazy modern world, we should take an example of way the great Ancient Greek Philosophers like Socrates, Plato, Aristotle, thought; adopt them as role models. Everything the western civilization has built was based on them.

So Do It Like Plato because, on one hand, I would like to read, study, and try to adjust in the modern world those role models’ teachings and life style, and on the other hand Plato is a word that has a steady, great number of monthly searches according to Google trends, so it will help me reach more people 🙂 !

And this is the last one of the introductory posts. Beginning next week, I will start explaining about biases, along with a new experiment. In addition, you can check the results and explanation of the previous week’s experiment here.

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