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I’ll tell you a secret: why Do It Like Plato


The first major part is how to think How to critically think, how to successfully develop a better decision making process,  how to thoroughly consider things, and how to first of all doubt someone’s own thoughts and beliefs. This, along with the introspection you are bound to make sooner or later, are the major points someone should be concerned with.  Understand what you want, learn how to...

About Learning and Mental Models


There is so much knowledge out there that sometimes you think you are going to go crazy.  The important question here is: do we actually acquire knowledge? A lot of people surf the web all day long, reading articles, memos, opinions etc. The issue here is that it proves very difficult for the mind to process all this information. Reading to Understand When we read something, we tend to believe...

Critical Thinking and Wisdom


The thing with knowledge is that it is vast. So if you want to become an expert on something, first you should specialize in a subarea. For example, if you have a Physicist’s degree, you can study Materials Physics, then move deeper into Nanotechnology, and then even deeper into, let’s say, Nanomedicine. You  will most probably end up going for a post-doc, becoming somewhat of a...

Why I made this site


For as long as I can remember myself, I’ve always been of a curious nature. How to better learn something, how to increase the business revenue, how to make a woman fall in love with me, how to work out more effectively, how to improve my diet. Most of the times I didn’t even realize that; it was mainly a subconscious process. Everything  felt like a small trial and error process, my...

Let’s begin: the hitchhiker’s guide to Do it Like Plato


Let’s begin What is this site about? Why should you read its posts? Why did I make it? Before we move on to lengthier articles, let’s get these points straight. This site explores notions such as critical thinking, thorough knowledge, and active learning. You should read it if you want to become a better thinker, a critical thinker, a more effective learner and, in the end, if you wish to...

Critical Thinking and Learning Site

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