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Confirmation Bias Quiz


In this simple quiz you will have the opportunity to test your daily thinking and decision making.


There is a secret rule that describes a secret sequence of numbers.
Your task is to find the rule by trying your hypotheses and write it down with plain words not giving another set of three numbers.

The given subsequence is: 2 4 6

Using the boxes below (six rows of grouped three boxes) you may try any subsequence of three numbers checking if it is correct (shows Tick symbol) or wrong (shows Cross mark). You can even retry on every row.

When you are ready with your answer, you can write it in the first field (describe your answer). Please complete the fields below and press the “Send” button. By submitting your response, you will immediately see the answer.



You are advised to read about Confirmation Bias, to learn more about the purpose of this quiz.

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