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August 2017 Readings


August 2017 Readings

1. Ultimate flexibility: a Complete Guide to Stretching for Martial arts (Sang H. Kim)

Ultimate Flexibility was the third book I studied about stretching and flexibility. Although this book refers to martial arts, it is very useful and has really extensive exercises for all body areas.

2. The No1 Ladies Detective Agency (Alexander McCall Smith)

This was a hilarious book from Alexander McCall Smith were Precious Ramotswe established the first lady detective agency in Botswana. From the time she establishes her agency, Precious Ramotswe gets all sorts of jobs, like finding a missing husband, locating an 11-year-old boy, and following a rich person’ daughter.

3. Use this if you want to take great photographs: A photo Journal (Henry Carroll)

This was actually not a classic book, but rather an inspiration guide about photography. The author provides food for thought by giving you in every page some exercises like “capture someone’s subconscious” or “Photograph a lie”. Helps you become more creative.

4. Leather Carving Manual

I’ve recently got in the mood of learning how to carve leather. My initial source of information was this 1969’s book. A really helpful introductory manual to leather carving. Starting with little bits of leather history, the kinds of leather, the tools of how to carve it, the book moves on to all the techniques you can apply to carve leather. An all-time classic.

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