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Naive Realism: who determines what’s right or wrong?


Naive Realism: who determines what’s right or wrong? American comedian George Carlin said: “First a philosophical question. Have you ever noticed when you are driving that everyone who is driving slower than you is an idiot and everyone driving faster than you is a maniac?” So when you are in your car, you punch the horn at those who are driving slower than you (the idiots) because they...

Placebo Effect: when mind conquers matter


Placebo Effect: when mind conquers matter Just Imagine  “Let’s do a thought experiment. Round up three hundred harried commuters with headaches—not hard to do on the New York subway any workday rush hour. Of course, they are shouting and whining strident protests, which only worsen their headaches, which is precisely what you want. You reassure them that you’ll get their names listed...

Stereotyping: judging a book by its cover


Stereotyping There is a high possibility that you have seen some maps like these:    Different groups tend to categorize other groups of people. We have specific characteristics in mind, and we tend to apply them to groups or individuals. These characteristics could be centered, among others, around gender, race, age, ethnicity, religion, sexual orientation and many many others. What we...

August 2017 Readings


August 2017 Readings 1. Ultimate flexibility: a Complete Guide to Stretching for Martial arts (Sang H. Kim) Ultimate Flexibility was the third book I studied about stretching and flexibility. Although this book refers to martial arts, it is very useful and has really extensive exercises for all body areas. 2. The No1 Ladies Detective Agency (Alexander McCall Smith) This was a hilarious book from...

July 2017 Readings


July 2017 Readings 1. Stretching scientifically (Thomas Kurz) After reading the Ultimate Guide to Stretching and Flexibility, this second book also deals with how to become more flexible. The book supports the concept of full flexibility with no warm-up, which for some is dubious, but it is a really effective guide about stretching and flexibility, suggesting several exercises and stretches for...

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Latest Stories