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June 2017 readings


This section is a review of the books I read every month and an effort to present a summary of each book and what is interesting and beneficial to the reader and what’s not. I will start this section with the books I read in June and the next summer months will follow accordingly. Ultimate Guide to Stretching and Flexibility (Brad Walker) A healthy body is not a body with muscular mass only...

Αποτέλεσματα Έρευνας για το Anchoring Effect


418 άτομα έλαβαν μέρος στην έρευνα τελευταία έρευνα μας, αναφορικά με τον Anchoring Effect (το φαινόμενο της “άγκυρας”), η τάση δηλαδή που έχουν οι άνθρωποι να βασίζονται υπερβολικά στην πρώτη πληροφορία που λαμβάνουν.

Hot Hand Fallacy: randomness perceived as non-randomness


Hot Hand Fallacy You watch a basketball player score four three-pointers in a row. When he successfully shoots a fifth one, you believe that the player is actually “on a hot hand” and so he is going to continue to score. What we think Sometimes we think that if something is repeatedly happening, it will continue to happen for a certain amount of time. As we previously mentioned with the...

Anchoring Effect, when “anchors” affect our decision making.


The Anchoring Effect What we believe. When we make a decision, we collect all the necessary information and analyze all the parameters that factor in before we reach a conclusion. In the end, we choose correctly, or at least we have very good reasons supporting our choice. What is the reality: The initial information we receive, relevant or irrelevant, subconsciously plays a significant role in...

The Bandwagon Effect: when the masses affect us.


The Bandwagon Effect Why is it that the last couple of years more and more men are picking up the habit of growing a beard? What is the deal with people of all ages, creeds, backgrounds, getting tattoos pretty much daily? What about women changing their haircut or dressing style every couple of months, according to the latest fashion trend? Finally, why is it that lately, the football supporters...

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